Morningstar Report Spotlight
  Morningstar® Portfolio X-Ray:
Monthly Report Spotlight
World Regions
arrow The World Regions section shows the allocation of the portfolio's stock positions across three world regions: Greater Europe, Americas, and Greater Asia.
Asset Allocation
arrow The Asset Allocation section breaks down portfolio holdings by the following asset classes: stocks; bonds; cash; not classified; and other.
Stock Sectors
arrow The Stock Sectors analysis is based on Morningstar's proprietary sector classification, which divides the stock universe into three major economic spheres, or Super Sectors: Cyclical, Sensitive, and Defensive.
The Morningstar Style Box
arrow There are two versions of the Morningstar Style Box: the Equity Style Box and the Fixed Income Style Box.
Top 10 Holdings
arrow The Top 10 Underlying Holdings section displays the aggregate assets, expressed as a percentage, of the portfolio's top 10 underlying holdings.
Growth of 10,000USD Graph
arrow The Growth of 10,000USD graph shows how the current portfolio holdings would have hypothetically performed over the prior 10-year period compared with the benchmark.
Risk/Reward Scatterplot
arrow The Risk/Reward Scatterplot charts the overall portfolio and the holdings within, relative to the benchmark index.


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