Monthly Report Spotlight: Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray - Stock Sectors
The Stock Sectors analysis is based on Morningstar's proprietary sector classification, which divides the stock universe into three major economic spheres, or Super Sectors: Cyclical, Sensitive, and Defensive. Each Super Sector includes several underlying sectors for a total of 11 industry sectors. Percentage weightings are shown for each sector and Super Sector, and the "Not Classified" figure represents an equity holding that is not assigned a Morningstar classification. The red "centroid" represents the portfolio's exposure to the Morningstar Super Sectors relative to the market.
How to Use It
The sector delta provides a graphical representation of the portfolio's overall allocation to each of the three Super Sectors relative to the market. It allows investors to quickly evaluate the similarities and differences of funds and portfolios by comparing exposure to the three Super Sectors and is also a starting point for further examination of holdings at a very granular level.
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