A Bountiful Harvest Party in Kuala Lumpur

header_HarvestParty2016Following up with the community garden we established for the Dignity for Children Foundation back in April of 2016 in partnership with Eats, Shoots and Roots, we would like to share with you a preview of our recent Harvest Party at the Dignity for Children kitchen and (now) garden site. We were honored to host and enjoy the bountiful harvest from the seeds we had previously planted with those in the community. It’s amazing to see such a great return on investment in only a few months after having established this community development. Investors Trust was also able to supply the garden with an irrigation system to fully maintain the garden for the Dignity for Children Foundation to enjoy year after year.

We are humbled by the experience and the dedication of our volunteers, and we are proud to support a local community who is making a difference in the lives its serves.

Here are some shots of the Harvest Party that took place in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, August 18 of 2016. Thank you to all who supported and participated in this wonderful establishment for a well-deserving community.