A Visit To The Papillon Foundation

This past summer, two of our executives, Vida Ip and Gustavo Otero, travelled from the Miami office to Johannesburg, South Africa for a business trip that turned into so much more.  Bringing home riches beyond corporate profit, Vida and Gustavo paid a special visit to The Papillon Foundation in Rosettenville, a very poor area south of Johannesburg. There, they were greeted by 20 or more children singing African songs as they entered the centre.

The Papillon Foundation was founded by Stephen Smith and his wife, Marian, who have dedicated their lives to providing training opportunities so unemployed and uneducated locals can have a better chance at obtaining a job, thus a better life. The Foundation offers computer and skills training, while also managing the distribution of donations to areas in need and providing a safe haven for the youth. They want to bridge the gap between graduation and obtaining a career. They provide the proper tools and professionalism to train members for a successful future.

The Foundation lacks many resources but makes great strides with what they have. Smith is optimistic and determined to provide the people of his community with the resources needed to build a better life.

“Along with the many children that kindly greeted us, we also saw there were around 20 adults at the training center taking classes. It is really amazing that with so few staff members, the Foundation can  still deliver so much to the community by, not only providing the short term goods, but also giving them the permanent knowledge to have a better and brighter tomorrow.”
– Vida Ip

The Papillon Foundation was built from scratch 13 years ago. Stephen and Marian Smith had a dream of helping their people create a better future. And, the couple spends each and every day working to reach their goal of educating and strengthening the community around them.

Investors Trust has chosen to invest in a partnership with The Papillon Foundation to support the growth and expansion of a region with great potential. Investors Trust Cares seeks to advance communities around the world in which it operates and does business.