A Commitment to Conservation and Sustainability

As a responsible company, it is important that we recognize the corporate impact on the environment and make conscious efforts to eliminate harmful activity. Investors Trust Cares seeks to leave a lasting impression on the planet for the better, not the worse. We are reducing our negative output and taking strides to improve our overall sustainability. 

Around the globe, Investors Trust Cares is supporting efforts of conservation by incorporating responsible business techniques into every sector of the company. We are providing Investors Trust offices worldwide with the appropriate tools to build a responsible atmosphere in a professional setting. 

We want to encourage positive acts of conservation and sustainability in the workplace as well as outside of the business. We want to instill a sense of pride and responsibility that extends beyond the corporate initiative. 

 Investors Trust Cares is committed to improving the environmental impact of its business by eliminating any harmful activity and supporting efforts of conservation and sustainability.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the sustainability of the environment. We demonstrate our commitment to conservation and sustainability by incorporating a green initiative in all Investors Trust offices, by supporting opportunities to engage in conservation efforts, and by enhancing our electronic resources and eliminating paper transactions for business purposes. As a company, we are taking action to reduce our negative output on the planet and improve our conservation efforts for positive impact. 

Going Green

In 2009 Investors Trust adopted the Commitment To Green Initiative as a measure to reduce its use of paper. The first step of this initiative was the introduction of eco-friendly communications, followed, shortly after, by the introduction of Electronic Billing Notifications and Annual Statements.

Continuing with this green initiative, in 2010 Investors Trust developed an Electronic Application Platform, a state-of-the-art paperless platform to submit new business. This effort was further enhanced in 2012 with the release of the Resolution Center, a highly secure communication tool for financial advisors. The importance of this green initiative is represented in the company’s commitment to transport all business forms and applications to an electronic resource for managing business. Not only does the E-App and Resolution Center provide a paperless and convenient platform for business management, it also has the capability to attach scanned images and forms for successful and secure business.

Along with the development of the electronic platform, Investors Trust continues its support of eco-friendly solutions with the introduction of ITA Connect, a mobile marketing app for managing business on the go. Rather than printing and distributing company and product information, Introducers and Clients now have the tools they need in a paper-less form.

In the insurance industry, security and privacy are of the utmost concern. However, ITA has continued to remain committed to a NO PAPER SHREDDING policy by introducing an Earth-friendly way to rid of unnecessary contracts and other printed material by implementing a Recycling-focused Shredding System that is collected on a biweekly basis. All print cartridges and unnecessary marketing material are recycled and/or re-used for various marketing practices.

Investors Trust has always been mindful of its impact on the environment and is proud to obtain office space in environmentally conscious buildings and communities. Investors Trust offices worldwide are located in buildings that have received a LEED Certification or uphold the same principals advocated by The Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).

Investors Trust is constantly working to improve its sustainable efforts in all sectors of the business.