Raising Awareness and Inspiring Appreciation for Earth’s Environment

This Earth Day, we are strengthening our commitment to the planet by partnering with Plant With Purpose in an effort to restore the land in Oaxaca, a state in Mexico. Investors Trust is matching the contribution from a generous donor by donating 1,000 trees in honor of Investors Trust’s employees; 10 trees will be planted for each employee.

“During Earth Month 2015, we invite Investors Trust to join us in the effort of restoring lives and land. For just one dollar, a tree will be planted in a deforested, rural community in Mexico. Plant With Purpose is excited to plant thousands of trees in the barren hills of Oaxaca in honor of Investors Trust.” — Becky Rosaler, Marketing Coordinator at Plant With Purpose.

The Importance of Trees
Trees restore land by anchoring topsoil, increasing organic matter and aiding the soil in absorbing water. Fruit trees provide a source of income as farmers harvest the produce to sell at markets. Greater financial stability allows parents to send children to school, improve living conditions, cover healthcare costs and dream of a better tomorrow.

We are proud to partner with Plant With Purpose for this Earth Day effort. Thanks to our generous donor, we are able to support the planting of 2,000 trees throughout the rural land of Oaxaca. The trees will help restore the land and lives of the people throughout the community of Monteflor. At Investors Trust, we are constantly looking for ways to give back to the world for the impact of our business. By planting trees in a barren region, we are giving back to Mother Nature while supporting the financial growth and sustainable development of a struggling community.

If you would like to get involved and contribute to our Earth Day effort, you can follow the link below to make your donation. Be sure to include the following message in the Comment Box: “In support of the Investors Trust Earth Day Campaign.”


We are very grateful for the support of our employees, financial advisors and clients.


About Plant With Purpose
Over 30 years ago, in the Dominican Republic, Plant With Purpose first saw how environmental degradation and extreme poverty form a vicious cycle, robbing the rural poor of opportunity and hope. Deforestation destroys the most important assets of rural farmers: their soil and water. In turn, desperation drives people to use the forest in an unsustainable way. Addressing both deforestation and poverty together can create a virtuous cycle. Plant With Purpose works to get at the roots of rural poverty through an integrated, three-part approach — environmental, economic and spiritual. Thanks to amazing multi-national partnerships consisting of donors, development professionals and local community members, 21,825 families in 388 communities in six countries are experiencing transformation. Since 1984, Plant With Purpose has planted over 13.5 million trees in Burundi, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Tanzania and Thailand.