Fundraising Dinner for Guatemalan Volcano Victims

Mayan Field Foundation's Benefit Dinner Invitation

On Thursday, June 14th our Miami office attended a fundraising dinner hosted by The Mayan Fields Foundation in benefit of the Guatemalan victims affected by the recent eruption of The Fuego volcano, whose name means “Fire” in Spanish.

The volcano eruption on Sunday, June 3 affected more than 1.7 million people, leaving at least 110 people dead and 197 missing. Many of the neighboring villages are now uninhabitable forcing more than 3,600 villagers to take refuge in schools and community halls for the time being. The land in the region is destroyed killing the crops and ruining the agriculture that supported these communities.

Investors Trust is proud to support this amazing organization that is bringing so much relief to the people suffering the terrible consequences of this natural disaster. With our donation, we’re helping 20 kids in Chimaltenango get the supplies they need to have nutritional balanced meals since the eruption showered sand and ash on coffee plants and crops in rural communities.

Fundraising Dinner - Group at the Mayan Fields Foundation's Benefit Dinner

Fundraising Dinner - Mayan Field Foundation's Benefit Dinner Thank You Message

About The Mayan Fields Foundation
The Mayan Fields foundation helps people in poverty by teaching and providing them with the tools to grow their own gardens so they can have access to nutritious food and meals every day. They also have a recycling program where they turn plastic into useful things such as pipes, garbage cans etc. To learn more about this amazing organization visit