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A commitment to inspire a lifestyle of health and balance

Investors Trust recognizes the value of its employees and the important role each individual plays in making the business successful. Investors Trust Cares seeks to engage employees in healthy activities that support a greater cause.

As an ambitious company, with offices in various time zones, we want to enable all employees with the flexibility to balance work with their everyday life, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle in- and out-side of the office. 

We take great pride in the associates that support the success of the overall business. As we expand the corporate offering to support those in need, we want all employees to take pride in the company and the success they have accomplished.

Our Commitment

We are committed to supporting efforts of a healthy lifestyle and a work-life balance. As a company, we seek to engage employees in exciting and fitting activities that support a greater cause. Our hope is to encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle during the work hours, as well as, outside of the office. Overall, we strive to provide employees with the resources needed to obtain a life of wellness and prosperity. 


With antibacterial properties, raw or lightly cooked garlic can help boost your body’s immune system. We all need a little boost!


Not a fan of taking vitamins, add some slices of avocado to your salad or smoothie, and show off that healthy skin.


Make small talk with friends, family, coworkers or that random hottie on the street. Just 10 minutes of daily chatting appears to preserve memory and improve mental function.


Incorporate stretching into your morning routine. Not only does stretching ease back pain and sore muscles, it also boosts circulation and digestion when applied before your busy day.