How to Stay Productive and Focused At Home

During times of crisis, businesses all around the globe turn to remote working as a precaution to keep employees safe. As working from home and social distancing becomes a reality for many, we’re offering these five steps as a guide on how to stay productive and focused at home.

Location matters.

Having a designated work station can help you concentrate and establish home and work boundaries. Experts recommend this not be your couch or bed but could be a separate room or any comfortable and stress-free corner you find.

Maintain a routine.

Keeping a structured daily schedule allows you to stay on track and accomplish your goals. Allot dedicated time for multiple breaks to balance your workload and avoid getting off track with your assignments.

Get ready for the day.

Your commute has been shortened, shifting the logistics of your morning routine. Continue to change out of your pajamas and into work clothes as you usually would, so you can help distinguish when it’s time to work versus when it’s time to log off and relax.

Minimize distractions.

Communicate with others, especially those with whom you share living spaces, that although your work location has changed, your priorities are the same. Notify those around you of your working hours and when you’ll be available so you can avoid interruptions and the risk of losing your focus.

Stay connected.

The lack of interaction that comes with working from home can be an emotional strain. Although you may feel a greater barrier between your colleagues, take advantage of your digital tools and sync with your team every day with video or phone calls.

Confined circumstances can be a tough change to adjust to, but following these tips can help you take advantage of your situation and boost your creativity and productivity levels.