Improve Your Work-Life Balance

We hear the term “work-life” balance and how it directly correlates with people’s happiness more and more these days. Technology allows us to access information quickly and be always available, but it has also blurred the lines between work and personal lives. It’s become increasingly difficult to leave work at the office (or home office) and not feel compelled to reply to emails or answer phone calls. Failing to balance professional life and home life can result in burnout, fatigue, and increased irritability. Not having this balance can keep you from having fulfilled personal and professional lives. Here are four different ways you can get one step closer to achieving work-life balance:

  1. Prioritize: Decide what three things are most important to you in your personal and professional life. Use them to decide what event and tasks can wait or delegate them to someone else. Not everything is equally important. Figuring out what’s most important to you is half the battle.
  2. Use time Efficiently: Write down how you spend your time, every hour of the day for a week. Later, inspect how you’re using your time and see how you could use your time more efficiently. Also, any free pockets of time you could use to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.
  3. Set Boundaries: Just like not everything is equally important, there is no way one person can do everything. Learn how to delegate less important tasks and learn how to say “no” to certain activities. Designate a time every evening to log-off and shut down your electronics from work. 
  4. Self-Care: Not only is it essential to divvy up your time evenly between loved ones and work, but it’s also imperative you set aside time for self-care. Whether that’s going for a run, running a bath, listening to music, anything that will allow you to disconnect and unload.

Achieving proper work-life balance is a life-long journey. And as personal and professional lives change, so will the ways that we find balance. Having a well-rounded routine and schedule helps ensure the most productivity at work while also successfully fulfilling other life roles.


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