2 April 2015 | A day to celebrate children books and inspire a love for reading.

international-childrens-book-day_april2Books can be so powerful in a child’s life. They shape our dreams and inspire our beliefs. They help form our imagination and a love for storytelling. Books can connect people from all parts of the world. No matter the language, books help structure a common understanding from which new stories are shaped.

Recently, we worked to promote the importance of clean water and its intrinsic value to all life forms. With World Water Day, we helped raise awareness on the necessity of clean water and how clean water is the foundation for agriculture, sanitation and sustainable development. Similarly, books are the foundation for imagination, education and a better future. Just as clean water, books, too, help alleviate poverty and provide a lifestyle of higher quality.

Investors Trust recognizes the power of books and the influence they can have in a child’s life. As a global company, we are proud to promote and work with organizations that value the influence of books and are dedicated to spreading literacy to all parts of the world.

Investors Trust supports the mission of an inspiring organization, Room to Read. Room to Read is an international children’s organization that focuses on literacy and gender equality in education. The founder of Room to Read, John Wood, formed this foundation after a life-changing trip to Nepal. It was there that he saw the lack of education and empty libraries with bare shelves. It was in Nepal that he met people who craved an education and were hungry to learn. In 1999, Wood quit his aspiring career at Microsoft and dedicated his life to help the spread of literacy around the world. Today, Room to Read implements Literacy and Girls’ Education Programs in 10 countries across Asia and Africa; as of 2015, Room to Read has impacted more than nine million children by developing literacy skills and a habit of reading in primary school children, and by supporting girls to complete secondary school with strong life skills. Learn more about this incredible organization and all the empowering work they do by visiting

At Investors Trust, we are proud to promote companies and organizations that do good for the world around us. In the past, we achieved success in an office book drive by working with Better World Books. Better World Books is a global bookstore that harnesses the power of capitalism to bring literacy and opportunity to people around the world. Not only does the company help protect the environment by recycling books and keeping them from ending up in a landfill, but through their business of collecting and selling books online, Better World Books also raises funds for worldwide literacy initiatives and donates books to libraries in need. Whether you’re buying books or clearing out your bookshelf, visit for all your reading essentials.