Investors Trust Donates Books to George Town Primary School

header_ci_book_donationIn honor of National Literacy Month and the UN International Literacy Day in September, Investors Trust donated children’s books and bookmarks to some of the students at George Town Primary School (GTPS) in the Cayman Islands. ITA worked with the Literacy Coach, Sarah Douglas, who provided the Company with a list of needed books for the library.

Employees from the ITA headquarters in Cayman were able to deliver the donation of books and bookmarks to the school, where they spent some quality time reading to these special students. These children welcome the additional time spent on individual and group reading sessions in hopes of advancing their reading and writing abilities.

Literacy is an area that has fallen behind in Cayman Islands public schools in years past. George Town Primary School makes it their priority to give the students the attention they need to advance in their education. Over the past 2-3 years, great emphasis has been placed on improving the overall literacy skills of the students. Several enhancements have been applied at GTPS to reach the school’s literacy goals, such as the renovation and expansion of the school’s library, the procurement of reading and other literacy materials that are of similar standards to the material used in British and American public schools, as well as, the employment of literacy coaches and specialized mentors to monitor the progress of the students.

“Ms. Martin, the school’s principal, is probably one of the most dedicated principals I know. She is amazing. You can go to the school on Saturday morning and she is there with the children. She is an incredible lady.” — Barbara Oosterwyk, Compliance Officer at Investors Trust

The school has implemented literacy programmes, both during and after school hours, where members of the public are invited to donate their time and knowledge to advance the reading skills of the students. Volunteers come in once a week for one-on-one reading time with the children which has shown amazing improvements in the students’ literacy skills. Not to mention, the kids love their reading coaches. The supplemental reading time provides great value to these children by enhancing their education and boosting their reading proficiency so they can keep pace with their studies. While there have been great improvements in the school’s literacy sector, a dedication of time and effort along with support from the public, in terms of book donations and volunteer time, are still required in order to fully achieve the educational goals at GTPS.

We are proud to support this amazing school and its beautiful students, as they continue to grow and advance their skills in literacy. Thank you to our employees in the Cayman Islands for the generous time spent with these special children!

About George Town Primary School in the Cayman Islands
The mission of George Town Primary School, located in a multifaceted business community, is to produce competent and disciplined students, utilising a comprehensive curriculum, taught by a caring and dynamic staff in partnership with parents and the community.