Investors Trust Donates to Australia’s Bushfire Crisis

Australia’s bushfires have devastated the country, causing widespread destruction and leaving irreparable damage. The conservation group World Wildlife Fund-Australia estimates more than one billion animals have been killed or injured in the fires, including thousands of koalas, kangaroos and more.

Following this devastating news, Investors Trust has pledged a $10,000 donation to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warrior, a conservationist organization that has saved thousands of animals from the bushfires and continues to protects Australia’s wildlife.

In 2015, Investors Trust employees visited Australia and helped conservation volunteers in their efforts to protect a threatened frog species, the red-crowned toadlet. As a global company, we are proud to extend our relief efforts and commitment to give back to the planet in any way we can.

Investors Trust’s Responsibility program recognizes the need for help during times of unexpected disasters and, as a responsible company, it is our duty to lend aid and help during such times. We are dedicated to giving back to the planet and helping those who inhabit it.

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