Investors Trust Provides Relief Efforts to Help Puerto Rico

Since late December, the south coast of Puerto Rico has been hit by a series of earthquakes that have left buildings damaged and caused serious injuries.

As the island works to recover from these tremors, Investors Trust is supporting relief efforts in Puerto Rico by donating $10,000 to SBP, a national disaster resilience and recovery organization that is supporting long-term recovery efforts in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

SBP has been helping Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria hit the island in 2017, taking the lives of thousands and leaving many without power for almost a year. The organization rebuilds homes destroyed by disaster and advocates for improvements and policy changes.

Last year, Investors Trust expanded with an ITA International Insurer office in Puerto Rico.

As a global company, we feel a need to help when disaster strikes, especially when we have people on the ground in the region. Not only to be there for the initial emergency relief, but we work together with local NGOs and commit to long term projects to rebuild these communities and offer hope when it feels lost.

– Lindsay Paris, Media and Communications Manager

Investors Trust is dedicated to giving back and helping rebuild economies that were hit by disaster or have never really had the strength to sustain. Through the Investors Trust Responsibility program, the company is making strides to build a better future. We hope you will join us in this commitment.

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