Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

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While stress is impossible to avoid, managing it is key to leading a healthy lifestyle. A study by psychologist James A. Blumenthal, PhD found that those who practice stress management training not only greatly reduce their stress levels, but also see a large decrease in adverse health events. Below are simple steps you can take to help manage stressful situations.

  • Exercise – Staying physically healthy is key to maintaining a healthy mind. Finding time to stay active can play a key role in improving mental outlook and increase our levels of endorphins.
  • Meditation – Finding time to take breaks in the day to listen to yourself can help you become more resilient. Meditation can further help you reflect on positive and negative changes affecting you.
  • Relaxation – Allowing your brain and body space to do something you enjoy is key. We can easily forget to listen to how our body feels. Hobbies, sports or time spent with friends can all be good outlets to relax for a moment.
  • Sharing Your Struggles – Being honest with one another and realizing that we are not in this alone is crucial. Gaining support and being transparent with the struggles of stress is beneficial to everyone.


Can Stress Affect My Heart? – Penn Medicine

Managing stress is key to improving heart health (

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