New Year, New You

iStock-618546680With the new year approaching, commit to sticking to those “healthy lifestyle” resolutions with these simple tips. Many resolutions are usually either too broad or unattainable, but these few changes are simple yet effective.

1. Drink up! Staying hydrated and drinking enough water throughout the day is a major part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your body hydrated helps a variety of things such as clearer skin, less headaches, weight loss, and more. Try to drink half your body weight in ounces of water.

2. Get moving! Strive to make exercise a new habit. Take some time out of each day to add extra movement to your life. Whether it be 10 minutes of stretching on busy days, or long runs on slower days, this habit will become second nature and is essential for overall health.

3. Power up! Feeling groggy or tired? Protein is a crucial way to get fuel into your body. Eating more lean protein will increase your energy levels. Not only is protein useful for fuel, but it also keeps you fuller for longer.

4. Catch those zzz’s! Getting enough hours of sleep each night affects not only our physical health but also our mental health. Sleep lets the body heal and helps with the immune system, metabolism, mood, and concentration.

5. Less Stress! Everyone knows that more stress equals more problems, so this year aim for less stress by doing things you truly enjoy. Whether that be meditation, walks, a warm bath, or a good book, lowering the stress levels will increase health.





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