Simple Tricks to Improve Your Memory

Just as we do aerobic exercises to strengthen our bodies, it is important to do mental workouts to enhance our brain power. Even at a young adult age, we may find ourselves struggling to remember minor details and simple observations which will only continue to diminish as we get older, unless we do something about it now. So, here, we offer you some simple tricks that can spark your memory and improve your mental awareness.

crosswordpuzzleExercise Your Brain.
Challenge your brain power by playing word games, such as crossword puzzles, Word Streak With Friends, Words With Friends, or even give Lumosity a try, and spark a part of your brain that may often be left out from exercises.

Break Away from Your Usual Routine.
Daily routines can be helpful for establishing healthy habits and maintaining an organized agenda, but it may be lethal for your memory. When it comes to strengthen your brain, try doing a mental exercise that may be out of your usual routine, such as reading a new section of the newspaper, altering your route home from work or trying a different store on your next grocery run. Simple steps outside of your normal habits can cause your brain to think and work differently; thus, sparking your memory and strengthening mental awareness.

Engage Your Social Life.
Happy hour? Why not. A getaway with friends? Yes, please! Social interactions are not only healthy for your heart but also for your brain power. Your social life may actually improve your memory (please note, you may experience an adverse effect when consuming large quantities of alcohol). Social interactions tend to subside depression and stress, both of which contribute to memory loss. Especially if you live alone, it is important to find opportunities to share time together with others.

Staying Fit and Eating Healthy.
Physical exercise increases the blood flow throughout your whole body, including your brain. Regular physical activity that gets your heart pumping may actually increase the area of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning, as seen in studies from the British Journal of Sports Medicine. A healthy diet can also boost your brain power. Be sure to eat your fruits, veggies and whole grains. Incorporate lean sources of protein into your diet, such as fish, lean meats and skinless poultry.

Rest Well.
It is important to get the much needed seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Sleep is critical for memory consolidation, helping us process and retain information over the long term.

Be Still.
Take some quiet time for yourself and focus on being still. Stress plays a role in memory loss and, by meditating or taking some time to concentrate on something peaceful, like your breathing, you can subside the stress and boost your memory.


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