We have developed this blog to offer healthy tips and wellness advice for the mind and body. As a complement to the new Investors Trust Responsibility Program, we want to offer you more ways to interact and get involved in each of our responsible commitments.

We hope this is a forum where you can find guidance for building a healthy lifestyle. We aim to provide a full range of tips for eating well, exercising right and finding mental clarity in a hectic life. We want to encourage health and happiness at the workplace and at home.

In this blog, you will find a variety of resources from workout tips and healthy recipes to meditation exercises and herbal remedies. Our goal is to offer advice that inspires you to get active, eat healthy and establish a happy, balanced lifestyle.

Ways to Prepare for the New Year

Investors Trust promotes not only a great financial plan, but one that supports all facets of life. As we approach 2022, we’ve laid out some ideas that can help lead you into a successful new year. Don’t forget to acknowledge how far you have come and keep the momentum up.   Review your previous year and identify points you want to improve on Set goals, both small and large Plan your full year’s calendar in advance Clean up your physical space to allow for a clear mind Plan for adequate rest Lead with energy, enthusiasm and empathy Be proactive and...
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GivingTuesday 2021

Investors Trust is proud to support GivingTuesday, a global generosity movement, taking place on Tuesday November 30th, 2021. This year’s theme is supporting small businesses and local charities. Below we highlight reputable local charities in Miami that align with the goals of GivingTuesday and promote the greater wellbeing of the community. These are the principles of GivingTuesday: Created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Inspires generosity worldwide through a distributed network of leaders. Creates global impact driven by local action. Driving a net increase in giving. Inspires collective action and generosity all...
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Building a Calming Nightly Routine

A nighttime routine has shown to be beneficial for many reasons. The first reason is kick-starting getting into the habit of prioritizing time for yourself. Structuring this “me time” into your schedule allows you to be accountable for becoming consistent and creating a ritual to look forward to. Be present at night so you can plan for the following day. Shift your mindset to thinking about things and plans for yourself, instead of work. Our brain works like a light switch, turning on or off based on our surroundings. Silent work-related notifications and change into comfortable clothes. Changing out of...
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The Three Pillars of Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October we promote increased awareness around Breast Cancer. This past year Breast Cancer has overtaken lung cancer as the world’s most diagnosed cancer, creating an increased sense of urgency in 2021. Investors Trust is proud to promote this cause and share the Three Pillars of Breast Cancer Awareness as written by the World Health Organization. Three Pillars of Breast Cancer Awareness: Health promotion – This includes public education about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and risk reduction strategies. Furthermore, reducing the stigma associated with breast health that exists in some parts of the world is very important...
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The Importance of Mental Health

World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10, 2021. This day is dedicated to encouraging everyone globally to become more self-aware and collectively change the stigma around mental health. More than 970 million people in the world battle with mental health every year, and that number continues to grow. Mental struggles look different for everyone. COVID-19 has caused us to cut our face-to-face interaction greatly, meaning we need to take more initiative to reach out to our friends and family to connect. Talking to someone is often encouraged as the first step to take to better our general wellbeing...
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Time Management Tips

The goal of time management is to create less stress, become more productive and accomplish what you need to. Set goals that can be checked off to begin. The mental reward of marking something off a list is almost as rewarding as delivering a finished product. Good habits with goals create consistent healthy practices. Start small and work your way up. Prioritize and decide what is the most valuable use of your time by removing non-essential tasks. Set shorter time limits for tasks that are not as valuable. Take breaks between tasks to clock out and shift your focus to...
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Choices That Are Better for the Environment and Your Health

Producing waste is inevitable, but we can take simple steps to become more mindful about how we contribute to waste with our individual efforts. As we lead up to International Coastal Cleanup Day 2021, we have laid out some techniques that you can utilize to not only better the environment, but better your health as well. Reach for reusable. Many plastics are not biodegradable and contain toxins that can leak into your food or beverage. Glass and metal are safer options since they have little known consequences of contamination and can be washed. Packing your own snacks and meals can...
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Morning Routine Tips for Optimum Brain Health

Do you start your mornings with a set routine? It may be beneficial to try as it promotes optimum brain health. Kicking off the morning productively will set the bar. These tips will help your brain perform at its best, not only in the morning, but throughout the day. 15 Minutes of “me time” – Strive to have an offline experience and carve out a bit of time to prepare yourself for the day. Anything such as relaxing with tea, reading, meditation or going on a walk are all healthy practices. Develop healthier habits – Crafting that perfect routine can...
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