Zika Virus: An Emergency Relief Fundraiser

header_ZikaFundraiserThe spread of the Zika Virus has been rapid and relentless hitting Latin America the hardest and continuing to spread at a fast pace. While it can be a rather mild illness for some people, it can be extremely harmful for young children, the elderly and those who are pregnant. We have teamed up with World Vision for an emergency relief fundraiser to provide the regions most affected with medical help, preventative supplies and research aid.

World Vision has majority of their emergency response staff in Brazil and Columbia, the two countries hit the hardest with estimates from anywhere between 500,000 and 1.5 million cases in Brazil and 20,000 suspected cases in Columbia, along with staff in 10 other of the 26 countries affected by the virus in Latin America.

Join us in this effort to stop the spread of Zika and provide aid to those already infected. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. Together, we can bring help and hope to those who are suffering.


Learn more about the Zika Virus and preventative practices at www.investors-trust.com/csr/zikavirus.