Dashboard – your homepage

The customizable dashboard helps you easily monitor your investment plans from one place, while providing quick access to your favorite tools and resources.

My Dashboard

Policy Summary – a snapshot of your portfolios

View the progress of each plan via the embedded Portfolio Analyzer, monitor account values and portfolio fund distribution.

Electronic Platforms

Benefit Page –
in-depth details of each plan (Base, Rider 1, etc.)

  • Administrate each plan individually: monitor account value, view the current fund distribution of your plan, as well as future fund allocation; analyze portfolio performance, fund historical prices and download factsheets.
  • It allows clients to view the aggregate statistics for a set of chosen investments, including asset allocation, regional and sector exposure, investment style, top holdings and performance.
  • This user-friendly fund trading platform allows you to make changes to your portfolio by buying and selling funds. You may also do a fund rebalance, according to your needs, and conveniently change your future allocations, all together.
  • Whether you want to follow a specific strategy, make slight changes or completely change the fund allocation of your portfolio for future contributions, the options are all available in one single tool.
  • View all plan transactions including contributions, fund changes, fees and any extra allocations or bonuses.
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Billing – making sure plan contributions are being made

View current payment information set in your Policy and search any billing notification. See payment history, make one-time or recurring online payments, set how you would like to pay your policy and be notified of upcoming payments due.

Document Center – safe, accessible and paperless

Download documents pertaining to your policy, including electronic policy documents and plan statements.

Document Center
E-Fund Analyzer

Electronic Platform – featuring E-Fund Analyzer

This electronic tool allows you to view funds available, historical pricing and performance, compare funds, print analysis report, download fund fact sheets and much more.

Relationships – know who is in the Policy

Owners, insured, beneficiaries, payor and any authorized persons will be listed in separate tabs for optimal organization.


Library – get what you need

Visit the Library to download requested forms, brochures and factsheets; and, view the latest Investors Newsletters.

Anywhere and anytime

Enjoy all of these same great tools and resources from your desktop, laptop or mobile device with the same convenience and ease.
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