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Start Making Contributions Now

It is important for you to determine the amount of regular savings that you will need on a consistent basis to fund your financial objectives.

The earlier you start saving, the greater the benefits of compounded returns in the future. You may be surprised at how much even small contribution amounts can grow to over a period of time.

Earn Extra Allocations and Loyalty Bonuses

The more money you commit to investing in your financial plan, the more you can save. When annual contributions to your plan exceed specified amounts, you can earn extra allocations throughout the term of the plan. These extra allocations will help you reach your future investment goals.

Annual Investment Amounts Allocation Rates
USD/EUR/GBP 1,200 - 1,799 100%
USD/EUR/GBP 1,800 - 3,599 101%
USD/EUR/GBP 3,600 - 5,399 102%
USD/EUR/GBP 5,400 - 7,199 103%
USD/EUR/GBP 7,200 - 13,499 104%
USD/EUR/GBP 13,500 or greater 105%

Loyalty Bonuses1 based on USD/EUR/GBP 5,000 Annual Contribution

10 yr
15 yr
20 yr
25 yr
3,7507.5% Loyalty Bonus
3,750Cumulative Loyalty Bonus
1,2505% Loyalty Bonus
5,000Cumulative Loyalty Bonus
1,2505% Loyalty Bonus
6,250Cumulative Loyalty Bonus
1,2505% Loyalty Bonus
7,500Cumulative Loyalty Bonus
Key Features
  • Regular Contribution Plan
  • Investment Terms: 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years
  • Currency Options: USD ($), EUR (€) and GBP (£)
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annual Payment Frequencies
  • Transparent and Competitive Charging Structures
  • Wide range of investment options
Product Details
Topic Detail
Currency USD $ - EUR € - GBP £
Minimum Contribution USD/EUR/GBP 1,200 per annum
(5 year plans: minimum x 2)
Riders Lump Sum Minimum:
Minimum Increase:
USD/EUR/GBP 600 per annum
Modal Premium Annually, Semi-annually, Quarterly, and Monthly2
Investment Terms 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years
Annual Administration Charge 1.9% years 1 - 10
0.35% years 11 thru Term of Plan
Bid/Offer Spread NIL
Policy Fee USD/EUR 7.00 (GBP 4.5) Monthly
Asset Management Fee 0.125% monthly of fund balance
Fund Transfer Fee Free3
Guaranteed Death Benefit4 In the event of a relevant death, the standard amount payable will be 101% of the Account Value.
Extra Allocations USD/EUR/GBP 1,200 - 1,799    100%
USD/EUR/GBP 1,800 - 3,599    101%
USD/EUR/GBP 3,600 - 5,399    102%
USD/EUR/GBP 5,400 - 7,199    103%
USD/EUR/GBP 7,200 - 13,499  104%
USD/EUR/GBP 13,500 or >       105%
Loyalty Bonus5 7.5% of contributions years 1 - 10
5% of contributions years 11 - 15
5% of contributions years 16 - 20
5% of contributions years 21 - 25
Surrender Charge Equal to the sum of the annual administration charges due for the remaining contract years at the time of surrender.6
Free Partial Withdrawals Allowed after the completion of the second year, subject to maintaining USD/EUR/GBP 1,200 surrender value. Minimum surrender is USD/EUR/GBP 600.
Issue Age 5-year term: 18 - 80 years
10-year term: 18 - 75 years
15-year term: 18 - 70 years
20-year term: 18 - 65 years
25-year term: 18 - 60 years

2. Monthly payments are only available with Credit Cards and Direct Debit.
3. Fund transfers are free up to 15 switches per year. Please refer to the plan documents for further detail on additional transaction fee.
4. The Guaranteed Death Benefit shall not be payable if the Insured dies within the first 2 years of the Policy Issued Date from an illness or physical condition that pre-existed the Issue Date or if the Insured commits suicide. If all required contributions are not paid within the grace period, this benefit shall terminate and will not be reinstated.
5. There will be no Loyalty Bonus for Full Contribution Payment Terms less than 10 years. All contribution payments due must have been received within the grace period, with no Contribution Decreases or Partial Withdrawals, for the Loyalty Bonus to take effect.
6. The Surrender Charge is waived at the end of plan year 15 if all contributions have been paid within the grace period, with no Contribution Decreases or Partial Withdrawals, for the first 15 plan years, regardless of the actual term of the Full Contribution Payment Term.

1. Percentage of contributions paid. There will be no loyalty bonus for Full Contribution Payment Terms less than 10 years.