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6 June 2016
Expanding the Investors Trust Fund Platform – Part II

Continuing the expansion of our investment options, we are adding more mutual funds from various asset managers!

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30 May 2016
Expanding the Investors Trust Fund Platform with More ETFs

Our Fund Platform has been increased to offer even greater investment options. Based on requests from Introducers, we are pleased to announce the addition of more ETFs.

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8 Feb 2016
A Shift in Retirement Around the Globe

Planning for retirement has become more challenging than it was for prior generations. Nowadays, many people over the age of 65 are continuing to work or are forced to accept a lower income in order to retire.

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4 Jan 2016
New Year Resolutions for All Investors

We have collected and arranged a short list of resolutions that all investors should consider, as we move into 2016. These are simple steps that should be addressed at the beginning of each new year.

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15 Oct 2015
Managing Emotions During Difficult Times

Amid relentless controversy surrounding the world markets, it is necessary that investors remain focused on their structured plans and apply decisions based on logic.

Top Ten Tips for Investing During Challenging Times

  • Don’t panic. Stay calm and make rational decisions based off logic, not fear.
  • Stay informed. Gather information from multiple sources before making drastic decisions.
  • Plan for the future. For rewarding times as well as times of hardship, make plans in advance to be prepared for whatever might come your way.
  • Stay focused. Don’t let short-term challenges cloud your long-term perspective.
  • Diversify. Design a portfolio that has a good mix of assets, geography and currencies.
  • Reduce debt. Focus on reducing short-term debt for greater comfort during trivial times.
  • Rethink expenses. Eliminate excess expenses during times of crisis to help ease concerns.
  • Choose wisely. Selecting investment products from top-rated asset managers can help relieve stress levels.
  • Stay in the game. Don’t let fears get the best of you. Focus on long-term goals and stay on course with your financial plan, especially during times of market crisis.
  • Wait for the rebound. Dramatic dips in the market have consistently led to strong market recoveries.

24 Aug 2015
Investors Trust launches a renewed Account Access website!

We are proud to debut a newly remodeled Account Access website, now available with more efficiency and ease, for the exclusive use of our investors and financial advisors. This new website includes an improved version of all the capabilities and tools that investors are used to, plus interactive features, visual enhancements and simplified functionalities to evolve the investing experience.

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15 Jul 2015
Keeping the Pace

Maintaining Your Retirement Savings Plan
Many people are immediately stressed when thinking about saving for retirement. The biggest hurdle is taking the opportunity to start a savings plan. By working with your advisor, you can better understand the societal changes and economic fluctuations that will affect your income in retirement, in order to strategically prepare a plan that will support you throughout these golden years.

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15 Apr 2015
Secrets for Wise Investing

Here, we offer you techniques for smart investing practices. Along with your financial advisor, use these simple tips to make wise investment decisions.

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19 Jan 2015
Managing Your Risk Tolerance Over Time

Most investors recognize and understand the risks involved when investing, however, during times of extreme market decline, even the toughest investors’ risk tolerance is tested.

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19 Jan 2015
Tips to Maximize Your Retirement Savings

It is important to be aware of simple steps that can be taken today that can offer great benefits in the future. Discuss these practices with your financial advisor and, together, you can build a secure retirement plan.

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15 Oct 2014
Preparing the Next Generation for Financial Security

At Investors Trust, we understand your desire to leave a lasting and secure financial foundation for your family. We want to provide you with the tools needed to continue a legacy of financial security for generations to come.

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15 Jul 2014
New investment tracking tool: Portfolio Analyzer

This interactive analyzing tool helps investors to easily track actual performance and account value of their different portfolios at any given time. Log in to your account to begin using this new tool. Login to your account to begin using this new tool.

15 Jul 2014
Nine Steps to Raise Money-Smart Kids

Use these tips, along with guidance from your financial advisor, when discussing your family’s financial future.

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15 Apr 2014
Handling Emotions in Investing

Emotions are a part of human nature, in a sense, emotions make us human. But, it is how we control these emotions that is essential for making successful decisions.

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15 Apr 2014
Introducing GAM Model Portfolio Funds

Now offering three diversified risk-rated funds in USD.

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10 Mar 2014
Changes to the Fund Platform

Closure of MS Global Brands Fund and updated Recommended USD Strategies.

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31 Jan 2014
AB—Greater China Portfolio to China Opportunity Portfolio

As of January 31st of 2014, the fund AllianceBernstein—Greater China Portfolio changed its name to “China Opportunity Portfolio.” The portfolio manager has revised its investment policies to include a more focused investment universe and a more value‐oriented investment style. Please login to your Account Access page and check the factsheet of this fund for more information.

27 Jan 2014
Introducing the RSS Feed to the Investors Trust App

Investors Trust is excited to announce the latest addition to our App, the RSS Feed.

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