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30 May 2012
Update about Investec Asset Management Funds

On May 30th of 2012, Investec Asset Management decided to change the name of the fund Global Dynamic Resources. This fund is now named Global Natural Resources.

21 May 2012
MFS Global Markets Outlook - May 2012

The “risk-on” rally stalled in April as economic momentum slowed amid diminished expectations of a fresh round of monetary easing from global central banks. Yields on European sovereign debt, an indicator of both default and event risk, widened.

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23 Apr 2012
GAM Star China Equity

GAM Star China Equity takes a truly active, unconstrained investment approach which has proven successful since its inception in 2007. The fund portfolio consists of 25-50 large and mid-cap stocks, giving investors access to China’s unique and rapidly growing economy.

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20 Feb 2012
MFS Strategist’s Corner: Six observations for February

The US Federal Reserve Board has announced it will keep interest rates low until 2014. Europe’s slowdown or imminent recession seems contained at this point. Everyone has been looking to the European Central Bank (ECB) to pull out the big guns and unveil a US-style TARP like program. The US economy — amid its initial signs of acceleration — stands out among many other regions of the world that are slowing and even faltering at the outset of 2012. As far as earnings go, we are coming to the halfway point in the fourth-quarter earnings reporting season. The US expansion is continuing, and it now has the support of the Fed.

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24 Oct 2011
MFS Strategist’s Corner: Perspectives for the Q4

While it would be unfortunate to see a weak, but decent, business cycle terminated unnecessarily early by policy error or blunder, the scope of this problem is not as big as the U.S. mortgage mess of 2008. The potential losses and contagion effect are not of the scope of the Lehman/mortgage crisis. In fact, many of the monetary conditions are more favorable now.

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26 Sep 2011
MFS Global Markets Outlook - September 2011

Corporate earnings have remained strong thus far, and equity valuations are attractive. However, a confluence of events – the debate over raising the US debt ceiling, the US debt downgrade by S&P, and ongoing anxiety about the European sovereign debt crisis – has shaken business, consumer, and investor confidence.

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30 Apr 2011
Update about AllianceBernstein Funds

AllianceBernstein has decided to change the name of the fund Global Thematic Research Portfolio. This fund is now named Thematic Research Portfolio

15 Apr 2011
Update about AllianceBernstein Funds

AllianceBernstein has decided to change the name of the fund Global Balanced Portfolio. This fund is now named Dynamic Diversified Portfolio.

14 Feb 2011
MS Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund

As part of one of our goals to further improve our platform and provide international clients with a wider range of investment options, we would like to notify you that the Morgan Stanley Investment Funds - Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund has been added to the Investors Trust USD and EUR fund platforms.

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25 Jan 2011
A look back and forward

Looking back on the year, we have to ask ourselves why debt crises in Greece and Ireland, the foreclosure crisis, the tax turmoil, and wobbly economic data didn't kill the business cycle or permanently chill the market.

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