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22 Feb 2010
Update about Man Investments Funds

Man Investments decided to close the fund Man RMF Asian Opportunities in both USD and EUR. For this reason, this Fund will no longer be available in our platform.

2 Feb 2010
Update about MFS Funds

On 02/05/10, MFS decided to close the EUR share class of the MFS US High Yield Fund. For this reason, this Fund will no longer be available in our EUR platform.

1 Feb 2010
Update about AllianceBernstein Funds

AllianceBernstein has decided to close the share class AX of the India Growth Fund to new investors, one of the options in the Investors Trust’s platform. As a result of this, on February 1st of 2010, we have started to offer the new share class A of this Fund. At the same time, we have also transferred all previously existing shares.

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11 Jan 2010
MFS Global Perspective - December 2009

While confidence improved around the world, the still precarious nature of investor sentiment became apparent when news of a possible Dubai debt default spooked investors and sent markets tumbling.

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7 Dec 2009
MFS Global Perspective - November 2009

Signs of a global recovery spread in October as world output rose at the fastest rate in five years. A pickup in manufacturing, spurred by government spending, tax breaks, and infrastructure projects, led the emergence from the deepest slump the world economy has experienced since the 1930s. Many economies, including those of the United States, Germany, France, and Japan, have returned to growth.

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1 Dec 2009
Update about AllianceBernstein Funds

We hereby notify you that on November 30th of 2009, Alliance Bernstein performed the following changes to the Asian Technology Portfolio.
1. The Fund was renamed Global Thematic Research Portfolio.
2. The fund’s investment policies were broadened to include investments in a global universe of companies in multiple industries, many of which benefit from technological innovation.

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19 Oct 2009
AllianceBernstein - Why Value Works

The Case for Investing in Undervalued Stocks.
For many decades, the value style has been one of the most successful ways to invest in equities; delivering handsome premiums to broader equity indices across regions. But in 2008, value investing experienced one of its worst periods ever and our portfolios underperformed. While a rebound has begun in 2009, investors may wonder whether their losses can be recovered by staying true to the value approach. In our view, a closer look at the basis of investing in stocks that are cheaper than the market when measured by price-to-book value, earnings, cash flow or revenues, suggests that value investing is likely to work as well in the future as it has in the past.

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28 Jul 2009
The S&P 500 Index recovered half of its losses since the fall of Lehman

The Standard & Poor's 500 Index has recovered 50% of its losses after the collapse suffered last September, following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.; this is as a record number of U.S. companies exceeded their forecasted earnings.

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8 Jun 2009
MFS Global Perspective - May 2009

In April and the first weeks of May, the outlook for global economies improved: Around the world, share prices rose, and data suggested the decline of global growth had perhaps bottomed out. A rise in lending and investment, as well as an expansion in manufacturing in April, all added to signs that economies around the world are no longer contracting at the same alarming pace seen in the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of this year.

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2 Mar 2009
MFS: Allocate, diversify, and rebalance

Three smart steps for pursuing long-term financial goals.
You have certain long-term financial goals in mind and a specific time horizon to achieve them. You also have a certain tolerance for risk when it comes to investing your money. A disciplined investment strategy, such as “ADR,” can help you find and maintain your balancing point, so you can pursue your goals at a risk level you find comfortable.

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6 Feb 2009
New Fund Family: MFS Investment Management

We are very proud to announce the addition of MFS Investment Management as a new Fund family in the Investors Trust® platform.

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19 Jan 2009
Morgan Stanley - Tricks and Treats: Ten Surprises for 2009

Pete Seeley, Director of Investment Strategies for Morgan Stanley, believes that “fears of ‘The Great Unraveling’ appear to have replaced hopes for ‘The Great Moderation’. While 2008 was far more volatile than most analysts expected, I do not expect either an epic unraveling or a return to the status quo ante. However, turbulence likely will continue as manic-depressive markets swing between fear and hope.”

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