Investors Trust continues its Corporate Media Campaign on the Asia-Pacific Market
June 30th, 2009

During the past months, Investors Trust actively initiated a corporate media campaign throughout its markets with placements in different magazines around the globe, a campaign that has supported the company's efforts to transform the business to compete on a global scale and to build brand recognition.

Once again, Investors Trust has focused its latest corporate media campaign efforts on Asia-Pacific countries.

Please access the links below in order to get a full view of the Investors Trust’s advertorial titled Retirement Planning Amid Global Financial Turmoil, which appeared on the July 5th issue of Yazhou Zhoukan.

Retirement Planning Amid
Global Financial Turmoil

Recent global financial turmoil has unleashed concerns over retirement investments, as markets post hefty short-term losses. However, market analysts say the situation does not mean all is lost over the long term. In fact, the global downturn could present an interesting opportunity to grow retirement assets as long as investors make the right choices. Investors Trust Assurance, SPC offers a vast array of investments options to take advantage of this historical opportunity.

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