October 15th, 2013
  New Age of Retirement  
Retirement is a season of life to relax and reflect on the many years of hard work that led you to this enjoyable time. If properly asserted years in advance, this transition out of the work force should be exciting and stress-free. However, an increase in life expectancy renders more years in retirement. A struggle retirees face today is the issue of making their money stretch over these unaccounted years. By noting and building your retirement plan with these extra years included, you can better predict your future needs.

Things to Remember
  • Use an updated formula to plan for these extra years
  • Work with a financial advisor to prepare for your retirement
  • Invest now to maximize your funds for the future
  • Work hard now, make knowledgeable investments to reach retirement at target age (regardless of the extra years of funding)
  • Plan for the unexpected (medical issues, economic crisis, inflation)
  • Build an appropriate plan for your lifestyle
  • It’s one thing to not be able to buy your dream vacation home in retirement, it’s another thing to not have the allocated funds to survive through retirement


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