Upgrades to Web site and communications enhance client experience

GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS, January 6, 2009 – Investors Trust Assurance SPC, a global insurance company providing quality offshore wealth management solutions to international investors, today announced upgrades to its online security platform that ensures the safety and confidentiality of its clients’ financial transactions and personal data. Security upgrades include VeriSign’s Extended Validation SSL Certificate, KPMG’s Web Application Security Assessment, and the continuous vulnerability testing executed by McAfee SECURE. These actions taken by Investors Trust will continue to provide users a safe online experience. 

Clients visiting the newly enhanced secure Web site will be protected from hackers and security leaks by VeriSign’s Extended Validation SSL Certificate which protects the client access portal by verifying the authenticity of the site. When using a high-security browser, it will display information to clearly identify the Web site’s organizational identity and the URL address bar will change to green, signifying the use of an Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

“Investors Trust is committed to ensuring the online integrity of its client portal,” said Michael Valderrama, Chief Technology Officer. “By working with these highly respected companies, we can provide our clients with an online platform whereby communications and financial transactions are consistently secure.”

McAfee performs daily vulnerability testing against Investors Trust’s firewall and web server.  Mr. Valderrama affirmed that “daily auditing of our systems ensures the highest level of vigilance regarding the security of our client access portal.”  McAfee utilizes a knowledge base which is updated every 15 minutes with new vulnerabilities for use in testing.  “This ensures we are aware of the newest exploits and vulnerabilities which may affect our network infrastructure,” added Valderrama.  In addition, McAfee has tested and certified that the Investors Trust client access portal meets all requirements established by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council.

Other measures from KPMG protect Investors Trust clients and transactions from hackers and security leaks. The KPMG Web Application Security Assessment, which evaluates our security controls and protocols, is performed once annually.  These tests are aimed at identifying application weakness from a hacker’s point of view and assessing the overall security of the application based on industry standard guidelines.  These tests evaluate security controls, and information leakage while simulating hacker activity.  “This assessment allows our information technology team to develop an overall understanding of the strength and weakness of our system compared to industry leading practices,” Valderrama said.

“We consider these companies to be trusted long term business partners providing significant expertise that allows us to provide our clients with the security and reassurance required to conduct business on the Web,” said Valderrama.  “Minimizing client security risks continues to be one of our top priorities,” added Michael Kennedy, General Counsel.

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