Introducing GAM Model Portfolio Funds

Introducing GAM Model Portfolio Funds

Now offering three diversified risk-rated funds in USD

We are pleased to announce the addition of the GAM Model Portfolio Funds to the Investors Trust USD fund platform. GAM is a highly-qualified, independent asset management group, with an alternative perspective of the world, providing distinctive, active and reliable investment management to deliver strong long-term results. The availability of active management performed by highly intellectual and specialized portfolio managers is an exclusive GAM service accessible through the Investors Trust platform, for a unique investing approach.

With the addition of these funds, not only are exclusive investment opportunities now available through the Investors Trust fund platform, but also the availability of highly qualified active account management from experts in the industry. These new funds provide an opportunity for stress-free investing with a specialized management team working to make the most of your investment. This is an ideal opportunity for any investor, experienced or non-experienced, who is looking to maximize growth with little time spent monitoring and managing investments. The fund managers at GAM confidently and actively manage investments using a unique approach dedicated to your investing success:

  • Active Asset Allocation: Continually assesses and re-evaluates the portfolio’s position across asset classes in order to meet long-term objectives and gain profit from short-term opportunities.
  • Active Manager Selection: Identifying specific and experienced investment managers with proven track records, who are capable of capturing opportunities others may overlook.

The following three diversified risk-rated funds are now available in USD and can be found in the Investors Trust Fund Platform:

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