Investors Trust unveils revamped regular premium savings product
Investors Trust Assurance has unveiled a revamped regular premium savings product that enables investors to “earn a bonus for higher annual premium contributions” as well as for loyalty, as measured in years of uninterrupted commitment.
Investors Trust
The product, named Evolution, is available in both US dollar and euro versions, and has been “significantly improved” by the revamping, according to Ariel Amigo, marketing director for Cayman Islands-based Investors Trust, which specialises in catering for emerging market clients in Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Investors in the product “earn” extra savings by commiting more into their accounts each month, quarter, half or year.

For example, if a client subscribes to a $/€13,500 annual contribution, he or she will receive an extra 5% every year during the term of the commitment – which, in this example, would be $/€675.

Investors Trust is marketing the revamped Evolution globally, Amigo said, through its offices in Asia Pacific and Latin America.
The minimum annual contribution is $/€1,200, for a minimum term of 10 years.

Those who prefer to go for a shorter term, of five years, must make a minimum contribution of $/€2,400, Amigo said.

Investors Trust introduced its first regular savings plan in 2002, and it is now one of the company’s most popular products, with some 50,000 plans having been sold since then in 30 countries.

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Investors Trust
Product Name   Evolution
Type of product   Regular savings product
Special features   Loyalty bonus
(7.5% of contributions years 1 – 10; 5% every yrs thru term)
Currencies   US$, €
Minimum contribution   $/€1,200 annually
(5-yr plan = $/€2,400)
Minimum Term; surrender fee   Min term = 5 yrs;
Monthly policy fee   $/€7
Admin charge   yrs 1 thru 10 =1.9%; Yrs 11 thru term = 0.35%
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