Investors Trust offers a variety of lump sum products tailored to meet all risk profiles. Ranging from capital protected fixed income portfolios to alternative investments, you will find an Investors Trust product that fits your needs.

Capital Preservation

We recognize the need of risk-aversed investors to protect their capital and look for options that preserve the purchasing power of their savings. At Investors Trust we focus on developing innovative investment solutions for our clients, including structured products that have capital protection, generate steady income and, in some cases, upside potential based on capital markets.

Capital Growth

Today’s investment world offers thousands of options if seeking capital growth. From cutting edge sectors like Information Technology, Alternative Energy and Biotechnology, to rapidly growing Emerging and Frontier markets, Investors Trust brings you a wide range of mutual funds covering all available options for the international investor.

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Comparison of growth over the next 20 years

The inflation projections in the graph above are based on estimations for illustration purposes only.

When considering your assets over the long term, it is important that you protect yourself against inflation. You need to make sure you are investing in a product that can avoid capital erosion from inflation and also position you to reach your long-term financial goals.

The effects of inflation can look quite intimidating overtime. But, with the proper savings plan, you can position your investments to mature at a higher rate than inflation; thus, combatting any losses due to rising rates and securing higher returns overall.