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Whether you’re managing business on the go or looking to stay up to date with the latest company news and industry insights, ITA Connect is your all-in-one solution for marketing resources from Investors Trust. This mobile app was created to put the power in the hands of the user so they can easily find, save and share resources directly from their phone, on the go and anywhere.

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ITA Connect is the revolutionary app for mobile marketing

Our library includes resources such as our company brochure, presentations, flyers and social posts, with real time shareability through social platforms, email, Bluetooth and more. You can also find out your clients’ risk profile by simply taking our interactive quiz, participate in live polls and search and filter through our fund platform. The settings can be tailored to your personalized needs, with the ability to find your recent activity and saved materials for convenient access to your most used resources. ITA Connect provides you with the tools you need to succeed.

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